Cut Resistant Gloves

Bastion’s cut resistant gloves provide outstanding puncture resistance without sacrificing dexterity and hand comfort. Our gloves come in glass fibre cut resistant levels 3 and 5 for high performance and elastic knitted cuffs for a comfortable and secure fit.
For those working under hazardous conditions or handling sharp equipment, Bastion cut resistant gloves are an essential. Our safety gloves are supplied from trusted manufacturers and are designed to protect your hands from slashes while handling sharp tools and objects, glass, or powered devices. Bastion Cut Resistant Gloves are designed with quality materials and comply with the EN388 work safety testing standards.

When choosing the best cut protective gloves you should always take into account specific risks that you are going to be working with in order to choose the right glove for the job at hand. Our Bastion Team are here to help if you require technical or product support. Click here for a call back from our team.

Bastion cut resistant gloves are suitable for a wide range of applications including automotive, facility maintenance, machinery and equipment, transportation and warehouse, construction, glass and building material, assembly, masonry.

Check out our range of cut resistant gloves below.