Bastion is a popular choice:

Bastion is a global company with a quality product range, experienced sales and technical support teams, large stock levels and efficient dispatch systems. Our product manufacturers have been carefully selected following extensive product testing and evaluation of companies who comply with relevant international standards and certifications. Bastion Pacific recognises the importance of innovation, continually sourcing and developing new products, and investigating particular requirements to ensure progress and success in the marketplace.

Our quality products are trusted:

Quality is assured via regular monitoring and inspections by Bastion management of all production facilities, and all testing and quality control procedures, to maintain the highest level of quality and consistency. We engage an independent agent to inspect and test each shipment following production and prior to dispatch. This maintains the correct acceptable quality levels, tensile strength, thickness and colour. Effective logistics, dispatch methods and reliable transport agents all ensure products will be delivered to warehouses safely and efficiently. Bastion consistently monitors all manufacturing procurement systems and encourages socially and environmentally responsible policies and fair trade practices.

We have a strong NZ presence:

The Bastion NZ Head Office and Distribution Centre are based in Whanganui. The extensive Bastion disposable products range is gaining international recognition. With a HO in Sydney, operations are currently being expanded to include USA, UK and Europe.

The people behind Bastion:

Uni-Pak is the sole New Zealand distributor of the Bastion range of products. Bastion Pacific provides brand and product guidance for Uni-Pak, and Uni-Pak undertakes all sales, service and technical support on behalf of Bastion Pacific. Uni-Pak supplies Bastion gloves, protective clothing and janitorial products to a broad range of hygiene and health-related distributors. For more information visit: