The Difference Between Bouffant Hats & Clip Hats

Bouffant and clip hats prevent stray hairs from contaminating a work area where sterility is mandatory. Used in a wide array of industries from food manufacturing and handling, hospitality, fisheries, bakeries, laboratories, chemical handling, medical facilities and clean rooms.

What’s the difference between a Bouffant Hat and a Clip Hat?

The difference between a bouffant hat and clip hat is in the size. Bouffant hats are made for people who have large/bulky or long hair. Clip hats on the other hand are more fitted and are worn by people who have short hair styles.

What size do your Bouffant Hats and Clip Hats come in?

Our hats come in both 21” and 24” sizes. The 21” Bouffant hats and Clip hats are designed to be a universal fit. This means that the Bouffant 21” hats will fit most large/long hairstyles. However, we also cater for extra large hairstyles with our 24” Bouffant hats. The same scenario applies for Bastion clip hats. Our 21” will cater for the bulk of shorter hairstyles, but in the exception where someone has an extra large short hair style we have a larger sized 24” clip hat.

Bastion bouffant hats come in the following colours:

  • White
  • Blue
  • Green

Bastion clip hats come in the following colours:
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green
  • Black
  • White

How do I know what colour hat to choose for my business?

Bastion bouffant hats and clip hats come in a variety of colours.

The reason why companies use different coloured hats is to segregate employees who are working in different areas of a manufacturing/processing factory. They do this to easily identify employees and their work areas, based on the colour hat they are wearing.

Hat colours will be different for every company as colour choices are based on each company’s internal policies.

Prevent contamination with a Bastion Clip Hat Dispenser

Bastion also have a clip hat dispenser designed for easy dispensing of clip hats and to stop hats from getting contaminated.

Bastion Plastic Sleeve Protectors
What are they, and what industries are they used in?

Bastion plastic sleeve protectors are commonly used in wet food manufacturing environments to protect clothing from getting ruined. They provide protection from the wrist area to just above the elbow and are elasticated at both ends to hold the sleeve in place and to provide a secure fit.

They protect arms against abrasion, chemicals, body fluids, pigment splashes or any other substances you wouldn’t want your skin or clothing exposed to.

They are a convenient option used to protect the worker’s sleeves without having to wear a full garment.

Aside from food handling - What other industries are plastic sleeves used in?

Outside of the food manufacturing environment, sleeve protectors are also used in laboratories, pharmaceutical, forensic science and medical environments.

Why are there two plastic sleeve colours available?
Which colour is best for my business?

Bastion plastic sleeve protectors are available in two colours white and blue.

Similar to the bouffant hats, the reason why companies use different coloured sleeves is to segregate employees who are working in different areas of a manufacturing/processing factory. It makes it easy to identify employees based on the colour that they are wearing.

Sleeve colours will be different for every company as the colour choices are based on each company’s internal policies.

What are plastic oversleeves made of?

Plastic oversleeves are made from LDPE (low density polyethylene) which is resistant to moisture and oils, which makes the sleeves a good choice for handling foodstuffs.

Are LDPE Plastic sleeves recyclable in New Zealand?

LDPE is a recyclable product, however is not commonly recycled in New Zealand. Once you have finished with the plastic sleeves, we recommend that you check with your local council whether they accept LDPE for recycling before you think about placing them in the kerbside recycling bin. If LDPE is a recyclable material in your region - make sure that you clean it thoroughly to remove any dirt and contaminants before recycling.

Are Bastion Plastic oversleeves HACCP Certified?

Yes, these sleeves are HACCP certified for safe food handling.

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Date Added: Wednesday, 14th September 2022


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