PPE for Aged Residential Care Sector

Bastion’s extensive range of PPE provides an enhanced level of protection to prevent cross contamination in Aged Care Facilities. We aim to keep our most vulnerable (the elderly) and Aged Care workers safe.

Keeping our elderly safe

In today’s COVID world, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in aged residential care facilities has become increasingly vital. It offers enhanced personal protection, and the prevention of cross-contamination. And it ensures that our society’s most vulnerable citizens, our elderly, get the care and protection they need.
Vigilant hygiene and wearing the appropriate PPE are both crucial to keeping our elderly safe. With weaker immune systems and in many cases, underlying illnesses that come with age, it’s the elderly who are far more susceptible to infections than younger people.

Aged care workers PPE

From the morning wake-up to night-time call-outs, Aged Care workers are in constant contact with residents they are caring for. They depend on a large range of PPE as they take care of personal hygiene, feed and administer medical treatments to seniors in their care.
Before engaging with a resident, aged care workers need to assess whether the job they are going to do will put them in contact with any bodily fluids and, in a COVID world, that pretty much involves every resident contact.

Choosing the right PPE gear

In situations where PPE should be worn, Bastion’s disposable masks and gloves, gowns, overshoes, and a range of hairnets are available for the wide range of tasks that Aged Care Workers are exposed to, so they can do their job safely.

Bastion has a full range of quality PPE

In the early days of the pandemic, the industry experienced supply and demand pressures which impacted heavily on stock levels. Fortunately, Bastion is well positioned to meet these challenges, with strategically located suppliers around the country and a commitment to maintaining high stock levels. Meeting the increased demand in the Aged Residential Care sector and keeping people safe and well has always been our goal.
Bastion offers a comprehensive range of disposable PPE. If you need help choosing the right PPE, our expert team will be more than happy to provide specialist product advice. We’re up to speed with the latest product advice and recommendations to help you provide the right level of care.
As always, our promise is to keep New Zealander’s safe.

Date Added: Tuesday, 1st March 2022


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