How to choose the right boot covers or overshoes

Disposable shoe covers (also referred to as overshoes) are covers that are designed to fit over regular work boots and shoes. They are used in a range of industries including laboratory and industrial settings, healthcare, aged care, medical, police forensics, real estate, trades, agriculture, animal care, manufacturing and food production.

Shoe covers have many functions, depending on the environment the wearer is working in and the hazards the wearer is likely to face during their working day.

Here are the three main functions of an overshoe PPE :

  1. To protect the wearer’s shoe from potential hazards in their environment (ie spills, chemicals, bodily fluids).

  2. To protect other people from contaminants that may spread from the wearer’s shoe.

  3. To prevent contamination of a site or equipment. The wearer may have substances on their shoes (germs / debris) that might prove damaging to the room or place involved.

Which shoe or boot cover is best for your needs? Polyethylene shoe covers or Polypropylene shoe covers?

Polyethylene Shoe Covers

Polyethylene (also known as PE) shoe covers and boot covers are a plastic shoe cover that is waterproof. Polyethylene shoe covers are best used to protect shoes from hazards like water and liquids, bodily fluids, solid materials, mud and chemicals.

Bastion Polyethylene overshoes are very durable. They are made of plastic so they do not break down and shed lint and particles when exposed to rough floor surfaces (like carpet) over a prolonged period.

Polyethylene shoe covers are the recommended choice for critical clean air environments where air borne contamination must be kept to a minimum, as no surface contamination is attracted to this type of shoe cover.

Pros and cons of Polyethylene Overshoes

Polypropylene Shoe Covers

Bastion Polypropylene shoe covers are a spunbond, non-woven material. They are made of a heavy weight synthetic material that can stand a lot of punishment as well as stay firmly in place on the shoe. They are a non-woven single layer of material that is water resistant, and only appropriate for very minimal fluid exposure.

Polypropylene shoe covers are most commonly used in healthcare, aged care and laboratories because they are a cost-effective overshoe for basic infection control. They are dust repellent, which means they prevent dust or dirt being bought into clean work areas.

Bastion polypropylene shoe covers are available with and without skid-resistant tread.

Pros and cons of Polypropylene Overshoes

Browse our range of disposable boot covers and shoe covers:

Polyethylene shoe covers

Polypropylene shoe covers

If you need assistance choosing the right disposable overshoes for your workplace, contact our PPE specialists at [email protected].
All Bastion boot covers and overshoes are certified to CE, ISO 13485.

Date Added: Friday, 22nd April 2022


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