Bastion Industrial Gloves offer superior hand protection

Bastion Industrial Gloves offer superior hand protection

With the speed of technological changes and new chemicals being introduced, workers are being exposed to greater risks in their working environment. So it’s crucial that workers have the right safety gear to protect them against these risks and to prevent injuries in the workplace. Personal protection safety gloves are essential to protect workers against cuts, punctures, abrasions, chemical and thermal burns and more. This is why Bastion Pacific, have designed a line of high-quality gloves to give workers superior hand protection.

Not only do safety gloves offer protection against hazards, they must also allow the wearer to function competently while they’re working. Each of our gloves are robustly designed to withstand a high amount of wear and tear and for a more comfortable fit (including high breathability). The more comfortable and wearable the gloves are, the more willing employees are to wear them, significantly reducing the risk of injuries in the workplace.

Our range provides some great efficiencies and cost savings for businesses – they’re competitively priced and they are reusable. On top of that, most of the gloves in the range are also washable.

Bastion’s safety glove range is designed to offer superior hand protection and to protect worker’s hands in every way. Let’s take a look through the different types of gloves we offer.

Date Added: Monday, 26th July 2021


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