Download Bastion brochures and guides

Product Brochures, Specification Sheets and Guides can all be viewed and downloaded here. You will need a pdf viewer program to access these files. If you are an Bastion dealer, you are permitted to download product images from our brochures and website for Bastion marketing purposes. Product Images can be downloaded in low and high resolution file sizes via our Help Desk.

Auto-Updated Product Category Brochures

These auto-updated brochures are designed to display only our current product range within a product category. This means products no longer stocked have been removed and new products have been added. These online versions ensure that the brochure is always up to date for customer reference. In our industry we often see many products being deleted or added, so this approach basically makes good sense. You can save this brochure as a PDF and also print it out for ready reference (if you need to do this, you will be using paper so maybe just print individual pages). You can save or print individual pages using your printer settings. By operating this automatic online brochure system we hope that fewer trees are made into paper, fewer resources are used in production and delivery (inks, electricity, water and fuel) and less waste is generated (redundant brochures end up as waste if not recycled properly).

Product Brochures

Glove Guides

Janitorial Guides

Specification Sheets

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