Synthetic Gloves

Disposable Proflex and Prostretch gloves are synthetic blended gloves. They are latex-free, allergy-free and powder-free. They are good all-round barrier gloves, suitable for most applications including food handling, health and safety and medical. Bastion Proflex gloves are made using a blend of nitrile and vinyl. They are a great alternative to latex gloves for use in the health care sector. Bastion Prostretch gloves are made using a polyethylene based synthetic non-sterile polymer and provide more stretch compared to vinyl and polyethylene gloves used in the food industry.

Bastion Proflex and Prostretch powder-free gloves can be dispensed from walls using our Standard Glove Dispensers. For ultimate control, Proflex gloves can be dispensed from our Progenics Cuff-First Dispensing System using larger square boxes with openings at the base to allow gloves to be pulled out (this combination of special box and dispenser reduces possible cross-contamination of germs).

All Bastion synthetic gloves are fully compliant to international standards.